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Cats do watch TV and enjoy music

Love that song
Love that song
Karla Kirby

It is true, ct watch television. They enjoy the unpredictable movements across the big screen, sometimes more than we do. Cats have been reported rushing up to the screen and swatting at the objects racing across it, be it bird or airplane.

There are several DVDs available for your cat to enjoy while you are out. Videos of chirping birds, squeaky mice and scurrying squirrels are among their favorite. Some cats also take pleaser watching other felines. One tuxedo cat, named Edgar preferred The Cat in the Hat.

Cats also pay close attention to music. There is some they like, some they despise. Classical seems to be their favorite, particularly the violin be it swift or slow.
Of course there are exceptions. Some respond to pleasant, gentle voices. One cat named Ricardo, another Tuxedo came running to the stereo and lay down in front of it whenever he heard Kathie Lee Gifford’s voice, while his sibling, Misty, a Maine Coon preferred Yitzak Pearlman. Wilson, a Russian Blue beauty loved folk music—until a harmonica would play. Then he’d glare up at the CD player in horror and go into another room, ears flattened in utter disgust.

Cats notice what is going on in the world around them, what their humans pay attention to and want to be a part of the action. They slap at computer screens lay across books, knock newspapers from owner’s hands and even like being read to.

There are so many interesting tales of the unique behavior of the cat, volumes could be written and each story would be poles apart. It is crystal clear God created the feline because He loves us very much and knew we’d not only adore this fascinating creature, but also see His find handiwork in their every feature and movement

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