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Cats do indeed learn tricks

Watch and learn
Watch and learn
Karla Kirby

Many have accepted beliefs and tasteless tall tales; you certainly can train your cat to perform tricks. You will get the best outcome when you offer good food rewards such as a small dish of moist cat food or a cat treat. Work with only one command at a time. Be unswerving and be long-suffering.

The Wave is a popular trick many cats have learned and learned well. Simply hold a treat in front of your cat’s nose but just a wee bit out of reach and slowly move it back and forth in a waving motion while gently saying “wave.” As your cat reaches for the food, it will ok just like he/she is waving. When you are satisfied with the performance, compliment your cat and don’t forget to give him/her a nice reward.

The Handshake is another trick that has been successful with cats. With your cat sitting in front of you, tenderly tap his/her paw and whisper “shake.” As soon as your cat acts in response and by his/her paw, shake it affectionately. Reward your cat with words of affirmative approval along with a favorite treat. Don’t forget to repeat command precisely the same way each and every time.

The Sit Up is also a kitty favorite. Situate your cat on a raised surface in a sitting position. Hold a beloved treat over your cat’s head and say “sit up.” Tempting as it is, don’t reward your cat for stabbing or grabbing at it. When kitty succeeds, reward with a treat immediately and then repeat the command several times.

The Come Here command is also all the rage. Merely say your cat’s name followed by the command “come here.” If need be, tap on his/her food bowl to get attention. When your cat comes, pay tribute to him/her generously and of course reward him/her. This is a wonderful trick to practice around mealtime, because your feline will ultimately link food with the come here command.