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Cats are truly smart creatures

Learn from me
Karla Kirby

It is a proven fact. Cats are very intelligent animals. They are a lot more intelligent than many people give them credit for. They are able to form attachments to people and convey their needs and wants. They are competent in "instinctual thought." Cat owners will attest, these are animals are truly clever.

These elegant creatures have many wants. The stories people share are usually about their cats unique personalities. Somehow cats know they own their people that may mean that they don't hesitate to insist on whatever they want, whenever they want be it food of choice, play, the choice seat in the house, in or out, or to be left alone.

Cats often get our attention by simply meowing and meowing and meowing until we take notice. They also may follow you around the house; insist on stretching out on your laps, or in your face, or rub against your ankles, even tripping you.

Cats can also be a man or woman’s best friend. They can structure attachments to their owners if given the chance they so richly deserve, and will give back the love they're shown. Never let someone who doesn’t love cats, portray them.

Get to know your new, individual cat, much the same way they get to know a new person. Pay attention to what the cat does, what foods he/she likes, what are her/his favorite toys, favorite place to sleep, is he/her shy or bold, etc.

By keeping close tabs on them, it's possible to help them shape that attachment and to show how bright they really are. Observe how much the cat seems to pay attention to the world around him/her. A smarter cat will use his/her sharp senses take note of a situation before acting, and will seem to think over what would be best to do. They also may pay attention to the TV, music, or computer screens. Many outdoor cats have even learned to check for traffic before crossing the street

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