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Cats are still getting a bad rap

Cats make really great pets.
Cats make really great pets.
Drew Stoneburner

Well, one thing is for certain, this is not Egypt. People in America don’t always give felines the credit that they rightfully deserve. Cat parents will confirm that they have received snide comments and sometimes witnessed some very poor actions where cats are concerned.

However, cat parents will brag about their animals if given half a chance. They will confirm their loving, playful and fun personalities. They just love being around their pets. If asked, they would certainly recommend adopting a pet cat.

Part of the reason that felines still get a bad rap in this country is that they are often viewed as solitary and aloof creatures. The fact remains that cats do tend toward this nature as opposed to dogs that are more likely to want to be a part of a pack; like to be with their pet family walking, playing, eating and lounging. Cats, on the other hand, like their space.

Cats are very gentle though. For particular people that don’t want to rough-house with a dog, a cat is a perfect companion.

Many cats enjoy playing and if they begin life with another animal in the home, they get along just fine. There is even a possibility that you will be able to teach a cat tricks to show off in front of friends and family.

Cats are dependable and can take care of themselves since they use a litter box and don’t always need to go out. They are very clean animals though, so they leave it up to their human family members to clean out the litter so that they have a clean place to do their business.

When there are young children around to play with, cats display their playful sides; becoming kittens again despite their age. They will do acrobatics, too, to keep their family members engaged.

Try playing with a cat with a fishing pole or a laser pointer. You and the cat both will enjoy many hours of fun until you both wear out! Cats love to leap, pounce and run. Keeping them engaged keeps them fit physically and mentally and will provide you with hours of fun.

Once a cat has played itself tired, you will know it is time to cuddle when the cat sidles up to you or hops into your lap. These are loyal creatures and since you spent hours playing with them, they want to be right by your side as you rest; providing you with love and their soothing purr that will help lull you into a place of calm and contentment.

Cats only need love. While they are solitary souls, they do require some semblance of attention and care. They need to be fed and have fresh water, however.

Cats do not need baths like dogs do. They take meticulous care to keep themselves groomed. If you want to have a long-haired cat, you may find that brushing the cat is great therapy and that the cat’s fur will stay nicer in the process. Besides, that, sitting, cuddling and brushing your cat’s luxurious fur is just another bonding method!

Two cats are even better than one if the pet family is away for long hours at a time. Even a solitary creature likes to have company. Two or more cats tend to entertain themselves even though you will still need to do your small amount of service for them; feed, water, change litter and potentially brush.

Other than that, cats have proven to be really great companions. Ask any feline parent to see what they think. It is always best to go with experience than to listen to the people that simply have an opinion!

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