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Cats are great judges of character

Cats know
Cats know
Karla Kirby

Many cat owners attest their cat can judge the characters of the people in their lives. They seem to have a natural sense of who is kind and loving and who is mean and uncaring. It is quite uncanny, but case after case has been reported of a pet feline who shies away from “friends” of owners. Later on, the owner learns why. Sometimes these “friends” turn out to be thieves, other times just people who bring hurt to their owner’s life. One cat owner tells of her perfect boy friend who turned out to be married, another tells of a girl friend secretly hating cats. There are cases of roommates abusing cats when the owner is at work, others where family members have taken cats to shelters when the owner wasn’t present. Every situation started out with the cat clearly not trusting that particular person.

Cats without a doubt can and do distinguish between good people and bad people This mysterious quality is inbuilt; given to them by God. Cats are small, intelligent and sensitive creatures that just may rely on this quality to survive.

There are countless instances where cats trusted complete strangers; the shyer ones walking right up to new acquaintances, even jumping on their lap. These folk are either the infamous cat lovers or people who don’t even know they like cats, at least not until they have become acquainted with the charms and appeal of the feline. Some good people genuinely believe they don’t care for cats simply because they have never truly been around them.

Cats can zone in on a person’s emotions... Cats often pick up on their beloved owner’s feelings and will comfort them when they are going through a crisis. It is hard to remain sad or discouraged with kitty looking up at you, sending you a gentle purr and sweetly reminding you of all the reasons there are to be happy.