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Cats are curious and mysterious

A cat is a marvel
Karla Kirby

Cats are extremely unique, it’s true, but there's a natural reason behind most of a feline’s actions. Understanding what these characteristics are and where they come from can help you become the kind of cat owner your cat deserves...

Cats truly are nocturnal creatures. Have you ever waked up in the middle of the night only to discover your cat is wide awake? Cats are nighttime beings... Years ago, cats hunted at night to keep away from predators. They can also see at night better than most any animal.

You have probably noticed your cat likes to rub on things. Why? Frequently a cat will rub his/her body on furniture, your legs, your face, visitors, and even on trees outside... This is because a cat is by nature territorial. Kitty is simply marking his/her territory by putting his/her exclusive scent on his/her surroundings. In years gone by, cats would use their scent to warn other cats to stay clear of their area.

Never feel unneeded or unappreciated by your cat. Unlike dogs, cats are quite independent and resourceful. Felines can without difficulty entertain themselves for hours on end. It’s vital to accept this fact. Don’t think you are doing something wrong or overcrowding kitty. It’s plain instinct. Cats are a bit loner.

Sometimes a cat will stalk her/his food. Survival skills passed on from his/her mother and since cats don’t travel in packs, they learn this trait early on and never forget it. .

Cats are cats and that is that.

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