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Cats and their water peculiarities

This water is more like it
Karla Kirby

Tiny cats are known to be big-time obstinate about many things, including their water. Coaxing our furry friends to drink enough water can be a huge problem. Like humans, most cats simply don't drink enough of it, which is why they are so likely to develop painful urinary tract infections.

If your cat's water is not extra fresh and super clean, or if it has the slightest foul taste, kitty will not drink it. The longer water stagnates in your cat's bowl, the more unhealthy bacteria upsurge causing the water to shimmer and shine. Would you want a tall glass of that?

The easiest way to get your cat to drink more water is provide an alluring pet fountain. The charcoal filtration removes bad tastes and impurities and the motion of the water keeps it cool and fresh. With the tempting allure of a constant stream of running water, curiosity defeats obstinacy every time.

And now there's a way to kill the unhealthy bacteria in your cat's H2O. .The unique UV sterilization system in this fountain kills the harmful bacteria and microorganisms that cause slime to develop in the water. Your feline’s water will stay fresher, healthier cleaner, and better tasting, especially if you use bottled water. Kitty will like this water.

This fabulous fountain has a gorgeous blue LED light that illuminates the water as it streams from the spout. Not only will the pleasant sound of running water attract your bolshie buddy, the attention-grabbing glow of the water will really peak his/her curiosity as well. The fountain has a smooth contemporary design and a calm, energy-efficient pump with an automatic shut-off feature that stops the pump when the water level falls too low.

This fabulous fountain is high-tech and up to date. Besides having the UV filtration system, it also features a classy charcoal filtration system to filter debris and impurities. It's also the ideal size for cats, and the compacted design will take up much less counter or floor space than other fountains. Who isn’t pressed for space these days? The pieces are also dishwasher safe; therefore it's also very easy to clean.

They are inexpensive and can be conveniently purchased on line. Why not gift your cat a fountain today?

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