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Cats and their need for taurine

Check the label for Taurine
Karla Kirby

Cats absolutely must get Taurine in their diets. A cat's body can't produce it from other amino acids as most mammals can. Therefore, all domesticated cats must have Taurine supplemented in their diets. Taurine is an indispensable amino acid that assists in regulating reproduction, heart rhythm, digestion and vision in felines.

Half of the free amino acids in the heart muscle is Taurine. A research conducted back in 1987 established that animals with an inadequate amount of Taurine in there diet have explicit cardiac problems. They had dilatation of the left side of the heart. Once the imbalance was taken care of the animals went back to healthy conditions... A heart that is weak on one side is not able to aerate blood appropriately, which causes cell death and circulation problems...

Cats with a lack of Taurine were also seen to have very low reproductive rates, fetal resorptions, abortions, abnormal kittens as well as growth disease in kittens that

If a cat doesn't have an adequate amount of Taurine in his/her diet it can also cause a degeneration of the retina of the eye that shows the way to blindness within two years. By correcting the insufficiency you can stop the degeneration, but the damages that are already there are indeed irrevocable.

Taurine is also necessary for the formation of biliary salts that break down the fats in the small intestines. Taurine is used to build up the nervous system in a feline. It defends cell membranes and has a key role in immune reactions, blood coagulation, and protection of the lung tissue.

Taurine is typically found as an additive in good quality cat foods, but it is imperative that you check the ingredients on the cat food you choose to make double-sure that Taurine is an additive and that there is at the very least one hundred milligrams of Taurine for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cat food.

This exacting amino acid is unlike other amino acids because it isn't broken down to make proteins, it is found whole in tissue. Taurine is first and foremost found in animal-based proteins like meat and seafood, so a cat can never be a vegetarian.

Read those labels and never underestimate the power of Taurine in your cat’s diet.

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