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Cats and their fascination for phones

Is it for me?
Is it for me?
Karla Kirby

There is just something about a telephone that attracts cats. Be it smart phone, land, cellular or cordless, a cat is aware of them. When the phone rings or sings, often kitty wakes up from a sound sleep and runs towards the sound. It is so uncanny, one may wonder if there is catnip in their phone that emits an aroma only kitty can detect.

Some cat owners are convinced that their feline is just plain jealous of the attention their human gives that device. And because of a cat’s superior hearing ability, cats may also be discriminating and demand more attention when they distinguish a particular voice on the other end of the line. Many cat owners have reported their cats knocking the phones out of their owner’s hand or even hanging up a land line.

Just the ringtone may tempt a cat pets to check it out. Many have told tales of their cat knocking the phone off the receiver and even meowing into their landline when they weren’t at home. Other cats have been known to hit the redial button, one even managed to call 911.

Cats are very observant and very likely have noticed that there are conventional behaviors that come with ringing phones. . They probably have noticed their owner sitting still and making their lap available. Many owners give in a feed kitty an extra treat or two while talking into their phone, so kitty associates the phone with pleasant times and will come running at the sound of its ringtone, generally getting there quicker than their two legged buddies.