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Cats and the Fur Industry, Part I

Trapped, beaten to death, skinned alive and left to slowly die in agony
Trapped, beaten to death, skinned alive and left to slowly die in agony
Kathleen fowler

Kathleen Lowson, Director of CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can't Speak, needs your support to complete her film production following the fur industry and the animals sacrificed in the name of fashion. Every year more than 50 million fur-bearing animals are mercilessly killed in the name of fashion, including our beloved feline companions.

Cry of the innocent
Kathleen Lowson

“A revealing new film explores the psychological and spiritual factors that contribute to animal cruelty in the fur industry. As Lowson has stated: “The power of respect will change our world” – respect for ourselves and respect for life.” - National Geographic News Watch

The United Nations reports that at least 1 billion rabbits are killed each year strictly for their fur, which is used in clothing, as lures in fly-fishing, and for trim on craft items, even trinkets. The fur trade inflicts unacceptable suffering with many animals skinned alive, fully conscious and able to feel pain and suffering.

One of the slide show pictures in this article shows a baby fox found skinned alive, dumped by the trash of a fur farm in Germany. Unbelievably, it was still alive after the horrific skinning. Rescuers rushed the suffering baby to a veterinarian but the damage was too far gone and the baby died.

We can bemoan their fate or we can choose to confront the dark forces of insatiable ego with spiritual awakening. It is time for the soul of humanity to awaken. The reason I am making this critical film which needs your support. - Kathleen Lowsen

Visit Cry of the Innocent: The Voices that can't Speak website today to learn more about Kathleen's project and how you can help her finish this documentary.

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