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Cats and Dogs interact with humans in health and mental health concerns - Part 2

This is a two part article, the first part dealt with cats and the second with dogs. Animals affect our mental health and our general health it is good to understanding them and how we interact with each other.

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Contrary to what our mother’s used to say, dog kisses are unhealthy. A dog’s mouth is full of bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacter. They eat garbage and lick their butt. The bacteria is transferred to humans and can cause diarrhea.

In turn, people can make animals sick by passing on such things as swine flu. “Dogs and people can also share the same strains of E. coli bacteria. Furthermore, MRSA, the "superbug," can move between humans and dogs.”

Doctors recommend separating animals from sick people and a lot of hand washing. Usually the cases are mild by sometimes the animals die.

Incredible though true, dogs can detect a drop in blood sugar, (hypoglycemia) and will alert their owners by pawing, barking, and and trying to get their attention. Some dogs are now trained as service dogs to detect hypoglycemia.

Different breeds of dogs can learn up to 250 words which is is about the same as a human toddler.

There is a competition called canine freestyle where owners and their dogs can ballroom dance to music and choreography.

Be careful, a dog wagging his tail does not necessarily mean he is happy, he may be agitated and ready to protect his turf if the tail is high and stiff and he may be afraid if the tail is very low.

Puppies don’t usually wag their tails when they are born. They start between three to seven weeks old. They will wag when they are hungry or socializing but never when they are alone. Wagging is

a form of language.

There is a myth that dogs only see in black and white but that is false. They see blue and various shades including grey. They are often great hunters because they can see in dim light.

The belief that a dog with a hot dry nose is sick is just not true. Dogs can have a hot and dry nose because they were out in the sun. On the other hand, they can have a wet nose after drinking cool water from their bowl. l The signs of Better illness are lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, coughing, or a body temperature above 102.5˚F on a rectal thermometer. If you are wondering why a dog has a wet nose it is because of the It ducts that carry tears toward the nose.”

Dogs can have lung cancer which is often shown by a limp. The cancer causes new tissue to grow in the limbs. This tissue growth and swelling in the bones called hypertrophic osteopathy will go away once the cancer is gone.

Don’t be deceived by the believe that a dog’s tongue can heal human sores. Dogs don’t heal their wounds, or ours, by licking them. There is bacteria in the saliva which can cause the wound to get worse.

Second hand smoke can cause cancer in dogs just as well as in humans.

If a dog turns his head away and still looks at you with the white of his eye be careful he may be agitated and can harm you if you approach.

Learning the illnesses that are transmitted between animals and humans a well as the body language of animals can help the animals communicate with us and keep us safe from harm as well.

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