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Cats and dogs can get along

Maybe I'll accept the dog
Maybe I'll accept the dog
Karla Kirby

Everyone has heard the old saying “fighting like cats and dogs” and knows it more than likely came from the sort of relationship these animals have. Fighting cats and dogs are often portrayed in cartoons.

Dogs are by nature playful animals. Dogs chase one another, having a jolly time as they bark loudly and seemingly nonstop. Chasing the cat can be thought of as playtime by the dog on the other hand, the very distinguished cat would think quite the opposite. The size of the dog is already intimidating for a cat and the noise is looked upon as obnoxious. Cats can run very swiftly and climb trees faster than a lightning bolt, leaving the dog looking up and the mad chase over.

A dog with a wagging tail is showing a friendly personality. Conversely a cat’s wagging tail means annoyance or anger. Dogs sniff each other when they first meet. Cats would be fuming by this kind of vulgar greeting from a dog.

Cats genuinely have a reason to abhor dogs. Dogs are obsessive hunters. They would hunt and chase anything that moves, cars, passersby, bikes and yes--cats. Even puppies practice their hunting skills on felines. Cats on the other hand are agile, quick creatures that can easily dodge the grasp of the dog. This somehow challenges the dog even more and on it goes.

Many families have both and many cats and dogs do get along very well. Socialization should be started while the dog is still a puppy. Socialization is very obligatory if the dog is the breed that has a natural high prey drive. Well mannered dogs easily tolerate other smaller pets. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that the cat is not left alone with a tremendously aggressive unleashed dog. It is best you don’t choose that kind of dog if you love cats too, but you know that. Dog and cat should also be separated at meal times. It is important to let the dog and the cat know that they are both an important and much loved part of the household.

Remember, it can also rain cats and dogs as well!.

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