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Cats abandoned on side of road in Leicester; two suspects to be charged

The vehicle seen leaving two cats behind on the side of the road in Leicester.
courtesy Leicester Police Department

On April 30, 2014, two cats were abandoned on the side of the road in Leicester, Mass., according to the Leicester Police Department's Facebook page. After posting a photograph of the vehicle that left the two cats behind, two suspects were identified thanks to the public's help.

The police investigators identified the make, model and partial plate number of the vehicle from nearby surveillance, and got the owner of the vehicle through the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Information from the public was crucial to finding the suspects.

The two suspects from Worcester, who will not be named until they are charged, are the daughter of the vehicle's owner and her boyfriend. They have admitted to willfully abandoning the two cats on the side of the road.

The Leicester Police Department will be seeking animal cruelty charges for both individuals: one count for each cat for each suspect. They will appear in court soon.

The two cats were picked up by Leicester Animal Control and remain in their custody.

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