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Catnado hits Coronado!

Coronado Catnado!
Corinne Mitchell

The latest reports coming out of Coronado state that it is a cat-astrophe!

A freak Catnado has hit Coronado leaving behind numerous litters of kittens at the Coronado Animal Care Facility. The Catnado has lifted these litters from the Naval bases, the Shores, the Cays and various locations throughout the village.

Although numerous water spouts have been sighted, the facility staff say that rumors of water spouts depositing adult cats at the facility is untrue. Everyone agrees that the truth is that too many people are relinquishing or abandoning their cats only adding to the stress of the situation.

This horrific Catnado has caused Coronado to be overrun with felines!

The cat community rooms at the facility are bursting at the seams with felines and there are many kittens in foster homes waiting for their turn to take up residence at the facility.

Luckily, these cats and kittens are the “Friendliest Paws in San Diego County”, so potential adopters have nothing to fear. In fact, these wonderful felines will each bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart and would make a delightful addition to your family.

PAWS of Coronado is doing damage control, finding homes for the cats and kittens. There are felines of all ages, coat color and personality so if you are looking for a new furry member for your family, you can be assured that the Cat Adoption Counselors will match you up with the purrfect cats or kittens.

Foster homes needed too!

For people unable to adopt at this time, PAWS recommends considering fostering an adult cat. These cats include senior Baby Boomer cats as well as cats that have been at the facility for a long while and would benefit from a break from cat dormitory living.

The Cat Adoption Team will work closely with potential foster families to match them to an animal that suits them, their lifestyle and experience. PAWS of Coronado will continue to promote these animals for adoption while they are in foster care.

You can read more about feline foster opportunities on their website.

The facility

Come see the Catnado up close for yourself! The Coronado Animal Care Facility is open daily between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (except holidays) and is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex.

If you are interested in adopting, you must first complete a Cat Adoption Application and meet with a PAWS of Coronado Cat Adoption Counselor. Cat adoption applications are available at the facility or Cat Adoption Applications may be completed online.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cat Adoption Team online or call Bob at 619-840-9727.

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