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Cathy Zimmer-David Zimmer: Quilt murder solved after 25 years

Cathy Zimmer case has been solved
Cathy Zimmer case has been solved

Cathy Zimmer-David Zimmer Quilt Cold Case: CBS News is reporting today that two brothers have been arrested and charged with the unsolved murder of a California woman who was killed 25 years ago. Authorities say David Zimmer, 66, of Half Moon Bay and his brother Robert Zimmer, 69, of Santa Clara are charged with murder of former San Jose resident Cathy Zimmer, 38.

Cathy Zimmer Cold Case Summary:

Cather Zimmer is a 38-year-old mother who disappeared in 1989 after attending classes at a local college. She was later found wrapped in a handmade quilt in a car located at the airport, according to NBC News.

The South Bay woman had been strangled to death. The case has gone unsolved for more than two decades, until her husband was arrested in March 2014 in connection with her murder.

Cathy Zimmer Murder Case Themes: death by strangulation, mother of two murdered, cold case, unsolved murder and California murder

Wednesday, March 8 1989

  • Cathy Zimmer takes her children to school and then attends classes at the San Jose State University. After class, she heads to an eye appointment to be fitted for contacts. She never arrives.
  • When Cathy Zimmer fails to arrive home, her children are worried that something may have happened to her.

Friday, March 10

  • The body of Cathy Zimmer is found wrapped in a beautifully colored quilt inside of her Chrysler New Yorker, according to the New York Daily News.The police investigation reveals few clues and the case goes cold for 25 years.
  • Cathy Zimmer's daughter, Debbie Lawrence, along with her brother, still remember their mother and seek closure in the case.



  • San Jose detectives working on the cold case murder of Cathy Zimmerman ask for the public's help in identifying a homemade quilt that was found wrapped around the body of Cathy Zimmer 25 years ago. The released photograph is the first time during the investigation that detectives have made that information public.


  • Police arrest David Zimmer and Robert Zimmer in connection with Cathy Zimmer's murder. David Zimmer is the victim's husband. Robert Zimmer is David Zimmer's brother.

Today's Update in the case against David Zimmer and Robert Zimmer

Monday, March 11

  • David Zimmer, the victim's husband, pleads not guilty in court to first-degree murder.
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