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Cathy Nesbitt-Stein annoys Abby Lee Miller on ‘Dance Moms’

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein continues to annoy Abby Lee Miller on “Dance Moms,” and the two battle it out through their dance teams. The Channel Guide Magazine reports on March 11 that Nesbitt-Stein is prepared to go after Miller’s successful winning streak. However, Miller comes up with her own secret weapon in the shape of a new girl for her team.

Nesbitt-Stein is the owner of Candy Apple’s Dance Center, and Miller knows that competing in Ohio will mean they have to see each other. Nesbitt-Stein also warns her team that she wants to beat Miller, and it is clear the animosity between them had not faded.

Miller’s latest addition to her dance team is Fallon Chapman who she claims has won multiple competitions. However, she begins to doubt her talents at one point, and Chapman’s forgetfulness during her routine only creates more problems. Nesbitt-Stein decides to make the situation worse by telling the girl that Miller tried to get her disqualified.

Despite the preparations for the competition, Nesbitt-Stein changes her mind and cancels her team’s group number after seeing Miller’s team perform. This means Abby’s streak continues without a break, but Nesbitt-Stein appears to be plotting something, so the feud is not over. Several people confront Nesbitt-Stein about her refusal to let her team dance, but she pushes them away without giving a proper answer and ends her evening by having a fight with Miller.

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