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Cathy Coley Writes a New Children's Book "Felix the Comet"

writer Cathy Coley
writer Cathy Coley
Cathy Coley

Check out Cathy Coley’s new children’s book, “Felix the Comet” which is written by Cathy Coley and I was recently informed the cover illustrations are done by Melissa Gay.

In a nutshell of a summary as paraphrased from pubslush by myself and my wackiness for paraphrasing,

“Felix is an enthusiastic kid who loves his dog Cosmo, school, and his two best friends, Tai and Kelsey. One day in November a new kid named Dave Spangler moves into town and everything for Felix changes in an instant. Spangler, a bully, decides to give Felix a horrible nickname and Felix begins to doubt everything and lose his self-confidence. On Thanksgiving night as he is walking his dog, Felix looks up in the sky and notices something that completely mesmerizes him into forgetting all about his troubles at school and the rollercoaster of a ride his life has endured that week.”

This is a book written for middle grade readers with a targeted audience range between third and sixth graders. The book itself, when completed will be around 175 pages in length. Coley hopes to finish the book within the next three months with the use of project oriented Pubslush, an interactive publishing media networking device that helps finance projects for writers in need of money to publish their art.

Cathy Coley has been a professional writer for more than twenty years. You may see her work on WordPress.