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Catholic health care

Health care for every persons
Health care for every persons
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In order to distinguish Catholic health care providers, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has defined five values that set standards for all aspects of Catholic healthcare delivery. Each of the values are listed and fully discussed in Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, Fourth Edition:

• Promote and Defend Human Dignity – from the moment of conception through natural death, every person has God-given dignity that cannot be taken away. All persons regardless of race, creed, share in this right to life and the right to protect their life through the use of health care.

• Care for the Poor - Christ’s mission on earth was a saving mission. He ministered to the poorest and most marginalized in society. To imitate Christ, Catholic health care must also serve the poorest and most marginalized in society.

• Contribute to the Common Good – we are individual persons created to live in society where the good of the individual is measured in terms of the good of the wider community. Basic health care is a fundamental right for every person.

• Steward Resources – all that we have is a gracious gift from God. It is a necessary responsibility for Catholic health care workers to protect and use well all the facilities and tools available to them for the good of all people in society.

• Be Faithful to Church Teaching – each Catholic health care facility is accountable to their local bishop in matters of faith and morals and must act in communion with the Catholic Church as the health care facility is a ministry of the Church. Any procedures such as abortion or euthanasia will not be practiced at a Catholic health care institution.

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