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Catholic crookery, and the Catholic Truth of repentance

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Ancient Israel understood its historical downfall within a personal judgment associated with national idolatry, and national infidelity toward God.

It's about time American Catholicism took the same perspective.

As the ancient Israelites broke the Covenant with the Lord, cheating on Him with stone-carved lovers, they were swept away to foreign lands, under foreign submission, in a double exile. They learned the hard way of the necessity of repentance and conversion.

Psalm 51 conveys this very spirit.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus is God's answer.

But the infidelity of Ancient Israel has reemerged in the United States of America. Formed in the womb of Judaeo-Christianity, and classical Western thought, America, (especially cafeteria-Catholics and progressive Protestants), has committed adultery with our Lord.

CRS, Catholic Relief Services, has hid under the umbrella of a Catholic charitable organization, only to be found out as a major contributor to organizations that fund, support, and supply contraceptives, abortifacient agents, and work toward population control. This Catholic organization is under the direct supervision of the American Catholic Bishops (USCCB). What gives?

Catholic politicians, of the progressive persuasion, such as Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius, to name a few, have worn a public mask which represents Catholicism as a pro-abortion, pro gay 'marriage' organization. Lay Catholics, two election cycles in a row, endorsed this facade with a majority vote for Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay 'Marriage,' Barack Obama. Let's not even get into the mainstream media, with cafeteria Catholics spending all too much time and effort trying to hijack Pope Francis, attempting to turn him into a culture-of-death, relativistic Pope. Nice try. But you failed!

Protestants, or non-Catholic 'Christians' if you prefer, aren't much better. The Episcopalian Church actually prays for legal abortion! Not only that, but they have ordained gay clergy members.

Touching on a few examples of Catholic and Christian failure in America, the subsequent results are obvious. Our nation is in moral decline. And, like ancient Rome, when morality, and subsequent national ethics, decline, so does society. Leaky borders, weakened national defense, a crappy economy, a crooked government, and a depraved popular society are not results of happenstance, but are the expected outcome of an idolatrous and adulterous nation.

Repentance, and conversion, are the necessary first step. For exile might just await us too.