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Catholic Church of LA Response to Earthquake

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez
Archbishop Jose H. Gomez

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, new head of the LA Catholic Archdiocese, this morning sent a letter to the faithful regarding the earthquake and tsunami which affected Japan early this morning. Those the letter was aimed to those in the archdiocese it points out the reality of one human family. “Crises such as this”, states the archbishop, “remind us of the fragility of life, as well as our common humanity and the connectedness we share with others through the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.” The archbishop encourages individuals to pray for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and to “assist in the recovery effort “by supporting the work of Catholic Relief Services.

Similarly, Bishop Alex Salazar, Director of the Office of Justice Peace for the LA Archdiocese communicated the news of the earthquake and tsunami to parishes and schools of the archdiocese. The communiqué included information from CRS (Catholic Relief Services) about the earthquake and CRS’s response to the situation.

“Catholic Relief Services, the official international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic Church, is responding to victims of the massive tsunami in Japan. CRS’s partner, Caritas Japan is assessing the needs where the tsunami has caused extensive damage. CRS has programs in the Philippines and Indonesia and works with partners in numerous islands in the Pacific that might be affected.” CRS personal in the Pacific are at the ready to begin assisting in the long path to recovery.

Assisting devastated communities is not new to CRS. Presently CRS is still assisting people in Haiti after an earthquake hit the island last year and has experience in assisting victim of tsunamis in the Pacific area. "We know from 2004 the devastating impact that these tsunamis can have," said Sean Callahan, CRS' executive vice president for overseas operations. "As with all such disasters, CRS will help people recover from the emergency and stand with them as they recover in the months and years to come."

Bishop Salazar’s communiqué also included a request by CRS for individuals to consider donating to the effort of assisting those being affected by the earthquake. Donations may be sent to CRS via their website.


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