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Catherine Rollins fate to be determined on 'Hawaii Five-0' penultimate finale

Michelle Borth
Michelle Borth
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Steve McGarrett’s always trusty former Navy Intel go-to gal and love interest assists her in a dangerous mission in Afghanistan. On Friday’s “Hawaii Five--0” “Makani ʻOlu a Holo Mālie” (Hawaiian for “Fair Winds and Following Seas”) penultimate finale, viewers learned the fate of Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth).

Initially the recurring character of active duty Navy intelligence officer Catherine Rollins made her debut in Season 1. It wasn’t until Season 3 Rollins would become a series regular who later on leaves the Navy. This episode, right before the season finale, would be her last for now. It was reported in various media outlets the actress parted ways with “Hawaii Five-0.”

The episode opens with the cast of regulars and recurring castmates all sitting around playing poker. Catherine receives an important phone call from someone overseas. This is due to a bad connection. She is speaking in Pashto, a language spoken in Afghanistan. Someone she knows is calling for her help, because their son has been kidnapped by the Taliban. This isn’t a kidnap for ransom. Once children are taken by them, they’re either recruited as soldiers or as human bombs. Either way these children’s lives will be short-lived.

Catherine’s love interest, Steve McGarrett, doesn’t want her to go over there naturally. This is a near suicidal mission. She explains to McGarrett that she must go. Catherine owes her life to this family. While in the Navy she was stationed in Afghanistan on a secret intelligence mission where she got separated from the group. Lying in an empty field while bleeding heavily, an Afghan man and his son came to help her. They risked everything to hide her whereabouts and nurse Catherine back to health. When she was well she escaped back to safety in Hawaii.

McGarrett and Catherine arrive in the village where Amir, the father, his wife and their son Najib live. She relates an interesting story to McGarrett about a soccer ball that comes full circle for her and this Afghan family. While stationed in Afghanistan in 2007 she went to various villages to check in on the woman and children. It was actually for intelligence gathering purposes.

The boys in one village were playing soccer when one of them kicked it right into an empty field. It’s empty for a good reason, because it’s filled with land mines. Catherine warned the boy not go there. That little boy is Najib. Later on she gets a landmine sweeper to retrieve the ball and clear out the field completely. Steve berates her for spending taxpayer dollars on her little stunt. Not long afterwards Catherine was found wounded in the very same field herself.

The two find out where the Taliban will be traveling with Najib and some other children. Steve poses as a goat herder with his goats traveling down a road the Taliban will drive on. Steve’s diversion while arguing with the Taliban about his goats allows Catherine to look into the truck with many children inside it. Unfortunately Najib wasn’t one of them. She gets all the children out until one soldier notices what’s happening.

McGarrett open fires and a shoot-out occurs. Catherine is able to hide out with the frightened children. He gets injured when a grenade goes off. They take Steve in as a prisoner demanding where the girl is. Being the tough as nails Navy Seal that he is refuses to answer their questions. They are about to behead him on video when some U.S. military soldiers barge in to literally save the day. This is all due to Catherine contacting the H50 Task Force on Honolulu with all the coordinates to have the U.S. military find Steve’s location.

After Steve recovers in the hospital in Afghanistan and Hawaii, he gets a phone call from Catherine who is still there. She is bound and determined to find Najib and has some leads to follow up on. McGarrett finally tells Catherine he loves her. It remains to be seen if the Catherine Rollins character will be brought back for a future season, this time with Najib.

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