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Catherine Giudici gets baptized before her big wedding to Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe are about to get married and she is doing everything she can for her man before the ceremony. Sean lives his life as a Christian and they even revealed that they are waiting to have sex until they are married. On Jan. 13, Radar Online revealed that Catherine got baptized before their big wedding day.

Sean's father Jay confirmed that it really did happen and he is happy about it. He explained that she became a Christian last year saying, "I remember the night she surrendered her life to the Lord. She called me and was giggling and excited. She was over-joyed." He wants everyone to understand that they did not force this upon her and that it was a choice that she made because she wanted to do it.

Jim will be the one officiating their wedding as well. This couple sounds like they are getting their marriage started off on the right foot and are very close with his family. Fans can't wait to see them get married.

Don't miss Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici get married on live television on ABC on January 26. Please like my Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.

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