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Catherine Giudici baptized at Sean Lowe’s church? Marriage license set too

Catherine Giudici had fans jumping up and down for joy at the latest news. According to The Stir on Monday, the woman is so in love with Sean Lowe that she got baptized at his church. Everyone knows the televised ceremony is on January 26 for the fans to see, but this latest commitment wasn’t made for television.

Putting together faith in a relationship isn’t always easy. Some couples never do it and still marry. It’s pretty obvious that Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe had the religious talk and decided what worked best for their lives. Taking the plunge, it was Giudici who get involved with Lowe’s church.

This isn’t all Catherine Giudici has done to get ready. According to the Christian Post, Giudici has kicked off a social media countdown with the days leading up to “The Bachelor” wedding being recognized and new details emerging. On Sunday the star began counting down the days to being Mrs. Sean Lowe and shared on Twitter how she felt about the big day. Another part of that process? Well, picking up the marriage license and making sure the dress is ready for the big moment.

Catherine Giudici is obviously very excited about her big day and her enthusiasm is contagious. The star has fans ready to see the big day and all the hype that goes with a television wedding!

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