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Catherine Engelbrecht: Obama makes Watergate "looked like a stubbed toe"

Catherine Engelbrecht
Catherine Engelbrecht
Ron Johnson

In a February 12th, 2014 interview with Frank Gaffney, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said that President Obama should be impeached because his "political machine" makes "Watergate seem like a stubbed toe."

Engelbrecht claimed that she was being targeted by "a political machine that is used to teach citizens to be the subjects and that we are best to stay in line because the power bases and the machines that they support don't have any intention of going anywhere."

"We are entering a time where if we allow ourselves to forget why we believe what we believe, it will be wiped clean from our memories," said Engelbrecht. "And that's a heady statement, but it is true. It is true. That is the longer play, is for the establishment of a permanent political class separate and apart from we the people."

Gaffney, who is no stranger to political stupidity himself, asked if "high crimes and misdemeanors" should be considered by Congress.

"Absolutely," Engelbrecht responded. "I'm not sure at what point we wake up. It is happening right before our eyes, things that make Watergate seem like a stubbed toe and yet, it rolls on."

What neither Gaffney nor Engelbrecht apparently wanted to point out was that True the Vote may have come under scrutiny after they challenged the voter registrations of people it accused of committing fraud, mostly in heavily black and Latino districts, many of which were dismissed as frivolous.

Name-dropping Watergate will not make the comparison any more true than screaming about injustice will magically render Engelbrecht innocent.

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