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Catherine Deneuve is no forbidden girl; just stunning as she goes On My Way

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Some people are aging.
Some are ageless.
Now in her early sixties, former beauty queen Bettie (Catherine Deneuve) finds herself jilted by her lover and left alone to deal with the financial problems facing her family's restaurant. On My Way (Entertainment One) What begins as a quick drive to clear her head turns into a full-fledged road trip. Along the way there are chance meetings, an ex-Miss France gala, renewed ties with her estranged daughter and grandson, and possibly, at the end of the road, love. We have to keep this short, because we will give away too much, too soon. And oh! Deneuve is sooooo gorgeous. Still!

On the other side of beauty . . .
A young man must resist the seductive lure of an ancient witch or be condemned to an eternal life on the dark side in The Forbidden Girl, possessing DVD August. 12 from Inception Media Group.
Toby (Peter Gadiot), a troubled young man who lost his girlfriend in a tragic accident, begins to put his life back together after spending years in a psychiatric institute. Upon his release, he takes a job tutoring a beautiful woman (Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen) who lives in her aunt’s lonely mansion.
When Toby suspects his student is possessed, his haunting memories return and unexplainable, supernatural occurrences drive him from the house. But the seemingly innocent, young woman draws him back with a powerful, seductive temptation.
At the height of his ecstasy, Toby realizes that there is a paranormal connection between the women of the house … Is it too late to save himself from eternal slavery in a hellish underworld?
Watch it 'cause we ain't telling.

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