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Catherine coming to PC?

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As Catherine released last week, most of us have been enjoying the challenging levels and great story of the game. Kayris brought to my attention about possible are images that have surfaced, that didn't quite make it into the game.

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According to the information that he sent me, there is even more intriguing information. Someone at VG Resource decided to give the disk a look into, to see what he could find.

Not only did he discover unused images of Catherine ready to text over to Vincent on the cellphone, but he also found an image of some button configurations. Now the interesting thing about this find, is that he popped in the Xbox 360 disc and the image displayed button configurations for the PS3 and it also showed icons that included a keyboard and mouse.

We have reached out to Atlus about Catherine possibly making its way to PC. We will update you, once we get a response.

You can view the images, along with the one mentioned above, that did not make it into the game, in the slideshow to the left. There are some unusual images of real life people in these images, which we have no explanation for, but here they are anyway.Plus, I do recall seeing a couple of those Catherine images come in on my cell phone, while I played the game. There are also some images of Katherine.

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