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Cathar race available in next 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' update

Last year at E3, BioWare announced that the Cathar will be added to the race options found in "Star Wars: The Old Republic." Aric Jorgan lovers everywhere immediately started thinking of their perfect Cathar relationship soon to exist, but the wait was a lengthy one. Today, a preview video was posted on the official site with details on the race's release date.

Screenshots from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Screenshots from Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Cathar will be purchasable with the next major update. Game Update 2.1 is called "Customization" and will usher in the Cathar as a playable race. These cat-like creatures hail from a planet of the same name, walk on two legs, and lack a tail.

According to Producer Cory Butler, the race will set players back 600 Cartel Coins for their account. This will make the race playable on any server. However, the normal limitations of "Star Wars: The Old Republic," like the inability to use artifact quality items, hide the helm, and more, will still cost extra.

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