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Catfish: How to Know Your Online Romance is a Scam

So you just started talking to this guy and he is great. He is; cute, charming and sweet. The only problem is he doesen't want to meet. Now you are getting suspicious. How do you know weather or not he is real? Is he married? Here are ways to know if you are being Catfished:

1) He doesn't want to meet. Everyone goes online to find love if they have not found it elsewhere. Online dating can be dangerous but people go online to meet people right? If he never wants to meet he is probably; married, older and creepy or not who he says he is.

2) He refuses to Video Chat. He shouldn't have a problem with talking to you where you could see each other. The pictures he is posting on the dating site could be different than who he is in real life.

3) He only will have a short conversation with you. Most people who like each other can talk for hours. He definitely has something to hide.

4) He won't accept your Facebook request. Most people have Facebook if he gets mad when you ask him for it he is hiding something. He could have a girlfriend or have things on his profile that you won't want to see. If he is talking to you this long, he should have no problem with becoming Facebook friends with you.

5) The person you are speaking to sounds like someone you know. If he is bringing up conversation topics only an ex would know you could be talking to your ex. How else is he supposed to know all about you before you tell him?

The internet could be a scam with finding love but there are people who have succeeded on it. You never know who you are talking to. Most important when you do meet make sure you are in a public place. Just be careful, good luck and have fun finding love.

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