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Catelynn Lowell talks about her depression: ‘Teen Mom’ news

Catelynn Lowell
Catelynn Lowell
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1

Catelynn Lowell is sharing exclusive information about her depression and how she is coping today. Radar Online reports on Thursday that the reality star admits she almost died, but she was able to get help before a tragedy occurred. Lowell credits Tyler Baltierra for assisting her by forcing her to see a doctor.

Lowell is still taking medication for depression and is grateful she is able to continue the professional help. The “Teen Mom” star hopes others will be encouraged by her experience to step out of the shadows and get treatment. After seeing a psychiatrist, she is looking forward to the birth of her child and upcoming wedding to Baltierra.

The reality star admits she also suffered from anxiety, but her current treatment plan is controlling it. She has been able to focus on her future and no longer thinks about death. This has been a long battle for Lowell who shares she started noticing symptoms a year ago. However, she now feels she is slowly returning to normal.

Lowell is expecting a girl and is sharing her heart beat with fans on her official Twitter account. Some of her followers have expressed their concern because they believe she is using antidepressants while she is pregnant. The “Teen Mom” star is under medical supervision, and her doctors are aware of her medications. Although she mentions antidepressants in her interview, she does not directly state she is taking them right now and simply calls them meds. Her doctors may have been able to find drugs that are safer for her baby.

Lowell is staying busy by attending her medical appointments and decorating the nursery. She has picked out a crib for her daughter and will be adding more furniture soon. She is also reminding people about the upcoming “Teen Mom” reunion season.