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Catchr, the anti-snooping smartphone app

Photo credit: Gizmodo
Photo credit: Gizmodo
Photo credit: Gizmodo

Nowadays, a person’s smartphone is sacred and crucial to their privacy - if you observe the activities on a person’s smartphone, this is like getting a glimpse into their heart and soul. While some people are open and have nothing to hide on their smartphones, others are extremely paranoid and guarded when it comes to the privacy of their smartphones.

To help paranoid people from the fear of nosy people spying on their smartphones while unattended, the smartphone app Catchr records all of the basic activities on your smartphones, including apps which are open and closed. Unfortunately the function does not work on the Mail app due to App Store rules, but it is able to record crucial information, such as whether your phone has been moved and show you the location on a map.

As long as you remember the last activity you did on your smartphone, you can easily have solid proof of whether someone has snooped on your smartphone. To observe the latest activities of your smartphone not performed by you, simply press the “start” button and the app will reveal a list of apps that were open and closed and specific activities that were performed on the smartphone.

Other than ratting out nosy friends, this is also useful in a serious relationship, as jealous girlfriends tend to snoop on their boyfriends’ smartphones without their permission or awareness. If you catch your girlfriend snooping on your smartphones, you will realise there is a problem to be resolved in the relationship. Privacy is top priority when it comes to Catchr - a world without privacy is like a world without a basic human right.