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Catching up with MarieDoll

MarieDoll cosplayhttp://www.mariedoll.com
MarieDoll cosplayhttp://www.mariedoll.com
Georgia Nelson Photography

At this past Texas Showdown, I was able to get in some questions with cosplayer MarieDoll. Last time I was able to speak with her was last year's Showdown and Comicpalooza. Lately, she's been real busy attending various comic and anime conventions across the country and in Mexico. Check out what she had to say below.

MarieDoll at Texas Showdown 2014
Chris Chou

Examiner: Its been a while since we last spoke with you, maybe a year or so, there have been some big things you've been doing since then. What was the most exciting things you did over this past year?

MarieDoll: I think it had to be when I went to Mexico for a convention. It was my first time going out of the country for a convention, and I had an amazing time. Everyone was so nice to me and the fans were amazing! I got sick eating the food though, which was one of the things I was most looking forward to hahaha! I guess my stomach wasn't as tough as it used to be because I was born in Mexico. I figured it was no biggie, but I was wrong. Even so I had such a good time.

Examiner: You released a single called "Superhero", how was that experience, and are you going to be releasing more singles, or maybe an album later in the future?

MarieDoll: I do hope to release an album in the future! I'm currently working on more music and I have also done a remix to "Superhero" that should be released maybe in May. The experience was eye opening. I learned that it takes a lot of work to make a song. I don't think people realize how much money, time and dedication it takes for someone barely starting out in the industry to make music. You know if I was already an established musician it might have been easier but I'm not. I'm just a girl following my dreams and I'm trying my hardest. I hope to make more music and I hope my fans can enjoy it. My style is feel good so I hope that my songs help people and inspire others. I just want to spread joy and love through music! <3

Examiner: Recently you were at Texas Showdown, how was the experience this time around vs last year's?

MarieDoll: It was great! I was surprised at how many local fans I had there! Everyone was super nice and I got talk to to my fans so that's always cool. I learned that some fans really look up me and admire my positive outlook and strength. So hearing that is very motivational. Also it was defintely a lot more crowded this year and I think it's only going to keep getting bigger!

Examiner: Would you be interested in coming back next year?

MarieDoll: Of course! I suck at fighting games all I can do is mash buttons haha! So I enjoy being there and watching all the pros kicking butt.

Examiner: What do you think about the new Street Fighter and characters? Do you have a favorite? Poison is one of the new additions.

MarieDoll: I haven't played too much of it honestly. Like I said I'm not very good so I get tired of it easily. I do love seeing the character designs and watching others play though. I think my favorite is Bison just because I usually have a thing for the crazy world dominating type characters. I also love his character design which is what inspired me to cosplay him.

Examiner: What new games you looking forward to?

MarieDoll: I'm mostly looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3. I have been waiting so long for this game I hope it comes out before I'm and old woman hahaha! Seriously though it's taking for ever. I just pray it's not a let down like some of the spin off games on the DS and PS2. The PSP one was pretty awesome though.

Examiner: What are your latest cosplays we can look forward to?

MarieDoll: Currently working on Vocaloid Love ward Luka and Panty and Stocking - Stocking angel version! I'm super excited to debut these!

Examiner: Which events are you going to next?

MarieDoll: You can always see my events on my website but off the top of my head. Comicpalooza, Dallas comic con, comic book dallas , Omnicon and RealmsCon

Examiner: This is your second time at Comicpalooza as well right? What are you looking forward to most at this year's event?

MarieDoll: They have a bunch of guest going so I'm hoping maybe I can run into one hehehe. Sometimes it happens and it's pretty sweet talking to them

Examiner: What are you planning to wear at Comicpalooza?

MarieDoll: Love ward Luka and Stocking!

Examiner: Anything else your fans should be looking forward to from you in the near future?

MarieDoll: More cosplay and a lot more music!!!!! I can't wait!

You can follow MarieDoll on her website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Comicpalooza is happening on May 23-26, and you can visit their website for ticket information.

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