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Catching up with Mob Syndicate member Matt Buyten

Buyten showing off his Mob Syndicate graphics
Buyten showing off his Mob Syndicate graphics
Josh Herr

While Attending The Nuclear Cowboyz Tour I got the chance to hang out with several of the riders. Matt Buyten is participating in the show, this is a phone interview the week of the Houston show.

Last week in Dallas I got pictures of your MOB graphics on your bike. What is it like to be on the same team as the Godfather? Its cool. We are just trying to get something started here. You never know when you are starting out if it will work. You just do it, and I am just pumped to be a part of it. Its cool he takes care of me. I'm stoked!

Does that create any tension with the Mulisha being on tour?
No. Not as of right now. I just heard Twitch's interview, so I don't know. No I'm friends with all of these guys. Everything is pretty cool and chill in freestyle you know everybody gets along and has a good time.
Its so new that its not really going to start-up because the Mulisha is so big, you know

How long has the MOB been going? Only a couple of months right?

Who else is riding with you?
Julian Musou, Brody Wilson, and Nick Dunn

The Nuclear Cowboyz tour will end up being about 4 months long. What kind of a toll does that take on your personal life?
Not really that much of a toll, you know, being out on the road like that. Its like fun that you get to hang out with your buddies and ride your dirt bike. Its a kids dream come true and I'm stoked to be a part of it. At home I just hang out with my dogs, and do some domestic housewife stuff. I got to get some snowboarding in at the beginning of the week so there isn't really a toll. Its going pretty good right now, because when your hurt you just want to be out with the guys, so I appreciate everyday that I ride.

What are you doing the night before a show?
We just hang out you know. We fly in, get to the hotel, get checked into your room and relax. Then we just get a bite to eat, and just hang out. Maybe have a
couple beers with your buddies. Relax, sleep, wake up and get some lunch and ride practice that's what we are doing right now.

What would people be surprised to know about you? Some other hobbies, you said something about snowboarding?
I guess I can get pretty good on snowboarding. I can hit all the big jumps. I can't do all the X Games tricks like the worley bird, double back flip twisty things, but I can get down on a snowboard I guess a lot of people don't know that.

Are you watching Winter X? Did you see Shaun White get Gold last night?
Yeah,Yeah that was cool man after a gnarly fall, taking a face digger. To get right back up there after doing that he got my respect right there big time.



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