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Catching up with Koby Maxwell

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Does what happens in Vegas, really stay in Vegas? Producer Koby Maxwell explores that question in his movie One Night in Vegas. Maxwell, who is also a musician (watch the promo for his album here), stopped by for a Q&A with DC Actors Examiner. Before we worked the Q&A, he dropped me his bio:

Koby Maxwell is a producer supreme!
All photos subject to copyright

Musician and Producer, Koby Maxwell, CEO of KM Productions is the producer of the critically acclaimed film Paparazzi Eye in the Dark, which won “Best Film in the Diaspora”; “Best Director in the Diaspora”; “Best Cinematography in the Diaspora” at the NAFCA 2011 Awards as well as “Best Cinematography” at the WMIFF 2011 Awards.

Koby is poised not only to be a successful music artist but a great Ghanaian movie producer both in Ghana and in the world. One Night in Vegas has also won several awards at the recent NAFCA 2013 Awards, and Koby won NAFCA 2013 award as “Favorite Male Artiste Diaspora”.

Koby’s work has been featured on several distribution forums including DVD sales, film festivals (Pan African festival, Santo Domingo festival ), several screenings and an impressive sold out theater release at the Silverbird Cinemas in Ghana in December 2013, for One Night in Vegas. The film premiered in Nigeria in July 2014 in 14 theater’s nation-wide. One Night in Vegas has garnered lots of media attention, including coverage by the prestigious Washington Post.

Koby returns with a new television project entitled Chris Jean Journey to Hollywood and a feature action film called Candy in 2015.

Q - How did One Night in Vegas come to be?
One Night in Vegas came along when I was on set of a movie called I Got Your Back in Ohio, after shooting, on my way back to my hotel, a commercial came on the radio saying “What happens in Vegas , Stay in Vegas.” I then started to wonder if anything has ever happened in Vegas that did not stay there? From there, the One Night in Vegas story came along .

Q - What's it about?
James and Genie, an estranged couple, must go all the way to Vegas to rekindle a lost sparkle in their relationship, only to find out what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Q - Has it been compared to The Hangover?
Well is funny, I have not even watched The Hangover yet, but whenever I tell people about One Night in Vegas, they say “Oooo, like The Hangover”, and I hope it is, but to me Vegas is a story that the audience can relate to it.

Q - How did you get Jimmy Jean-Lewis?
Jimmy is a friend and a brother who loves to support African cinema; if he likes the project, he loves to help and be a part [of it]. We met at the Pan African Film Festival 2012, which screened my last movie Paparazzi Eye in the Dark, and I talked to him about ONIV, and he was interested to see what it is about. After we [exchanged] some e-mails and talked on the phone, he jumped on this project not only as an actor from Hollywood, but also as a co-producer. Thanks to God and shout out to Jimmy, a good man who sees a dream and supports it!

Q - What do you look for from actors in an audition?
For me as producer I like to see an actor who fits the role best, and who is willing to make the character real.

Q - How did you get into the film business?
Koby Maxwell is a born artist , a musician with four albums. I was doing soundtracks for a lot of movies, and I decided I would love to produce and then Paparazzi Eye in the Dark came along [at the right time], an award wining film in 2012.

Q - Any advice for young filmmakers?
Just think of filmmaking as an art, and if you start the process well, it will end right always do it right, and work with [ an experienced] filmmaker.

Q - What's next?
Well as ONIV is still on its way to US distribution, I am still marketing it. I am working on a TV series entitled Chris Jean Journey to Hollywood and my 2015 Action Science Fiction film. Stay tuned.

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