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Catching up with John-Paul Lavoisier

John-Paul Lavoisier
Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Here’s some great news for the many fans who miss seeing actor John-Paul Lavoisier (ex Rex, ‘One Life to Live’) showcase his acting skills.

The actor joins the cast of online soap ‘Beacon Hill,’ set to debut March 5.

Journalist Michael Fairman sat down with Lavoisier recently to find out the dish on his new role – as well as his thoughts on his past role.

On how he got involved in ‘Beacon Hill,’ Lavoisier said,

‘It fell into my lap. I randomly got an email from Hillary B. Smith saying, ‘I have this project I am working on with Crystal Chappell, and there is a part for you that you would be perfect for. And can I email you the script and the material? We would love to have you.’ So, she emailed me the script and I thought, “Well, I can do this. I want to work with you, and I miss you.” So, it was a chance to work and to see Hillary again and to fly back east. I had never met Crystal before, so it was a chance to meet her for the first time…. I knew it was going to be fun, and we were going to get it done without problems. Everyone was so professional. It was neat to see Hillary in producer mode, because I am used to seeing Hillary in ‘Hillary mode’ mostly (Laughs)….'

On his ‘One Life to Live’ past, Lavoisier said,

‘… I would sign a 30 year contract to be on One Life to Live if it was in front of me, right now. It’s a no brainer. I miss everything about it. Everything! I never had any complaints that whole time when I was on ABC….’

To read Michael Fairman’s entire interview with John-Paul Lavoisier, click this link.

For more on ‘Beacon Hill,’ visit the show’s official website.

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