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Catching Up with Chuck: A Fun-Loving Filmmaker

Director, Chuck Norfolk
Director, Chuck Norfolk
Frank Careta

In the Houston Film community, if you are looking to have a good time, Chuck Norfolk is the man! His films are known to be fun and full of action and his latest is full of laughs.

“What started as a ‘wouldn't that be funny’ idea blossomed into a pretty nice project,” says the Writer, Director & Producer. Norfolk’s latest project, "The Presentation", is a short film about a couple of businessmen who have a REALLY bad day at work.

The Chicago native moved to Houston about 30 years ago. Norfolk has been a screenwriter for 15 plus years and happens to have 15 feature screenplays under his belt. “My brother Steve and I have always been storytellers (mostly to get out of trouble) and have started taking it to the next level in the last few years as producers/directors.”

Like many, he says he went on to attend the “filmmaking school of hard knocks” and the experience has served him well.

The fun-loving multi-talent shares one of the lessons he applies to his career. “I have learned…you need to promote yourself because no one else will.”

Aside from being a walking business card, he also expresses how filmmaking is about finding a great team and collaborating. He openly thanks the people involved in making this project happen: Manny Mireles, the Spring Film Group, and his talented cast and crew.

When sharing his opinion on the local indie film scene, Chuck says “I think we have a great group of filmmakers here in Houston that are doing great work and for the most part are very supportive of one another. One thing I think we could work on as a community is supporting eachother financially/morally by attending screenings and buying local product when available.”

As far as upcoming projects outside of this one Norfolk says, “I am currently working on pre-production for two new shorts scheduled to wrap principal photography by the end of the year. I am also in talks with a local production company about a possible feature debut in 2011. Wish me luck.”

With his skills, experience and relatable themes, luck may be the last thing Chuck needs!

Contact Chuck Norfolk at!/cnorfolk

and check out his past and present projects at!/pages/Chuck-Norfolks-The-Presentation/139730646066386 and!/pages/Bar-Room-Blitz/103187226402566.



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