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Catching up with Chloe Dolandis

Chloe Dolandis poses for a promotional photo
Courtesy Chloe Dolandis

Musician and voice-over artist Chloe Dolandis has had a busy couple of years following the release of her debut album. Now, she sits down for the first of a two-part interview to discuss what she's been up to since and her plans for a follow-up album.

Examiner: We've had the chance to chat before on BlogTalkRadio, where you discussed your debut, Bring Back the Fever. What have you been up to since then?

Chloe: Since I released Bring Back the Fever, a lot has happened! I spent lots of time on the road--music took me all over the country, from Nashville to L.A. I got to explore new cities, perform in showcases (playing the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville was awesome!), and co-write with lots of great musicians. During my travels, I steadily recorded voice-overs and music. Most recently, I've been writing/producing/recording music for fashion channel, which has been a ton of fun. I also have a new band and we've been playing lots of shows in South FL. My calendar is here!

Examiner: How did you end up working with the Fashion Channel?

Chloe: It's one of those "friend of a friend" stories, actually! An old friend, who lives in L.A., had worked with someone who's with the channel. She was looking for new talent. I submitted my work I'd done with one of my producers...The rest is history--history that's still being written.

Examiner: That is great. Can you tell us any more about this deal? For example, is there any projected date for the material to air?

Chloe: Thank you! I'm not sure when the music will surface, but I will definitely be putting it out there when something substantial surfaces!

Examiner: Looking forward to hearing more. Speaking of music, you have been playing some new songs lately. What's the status of a follow-up to Bring Back the Fever?

Chloe: Right now I'm narrowing down new songs to record for a follow-up to Bring Back the Fever, as well as writing more. I'll be back in the studio for that sooner than later, I hope!

Examiner: Are there any stand-outs at this point and are any specific themes coming together in what you've written so far?

Chloe: For a while, I was really focused on weather and day/night. It's a pretty general topic, but I got very specific in several new songs--there's a lot to explore! From rain and wind, to the sun and the moon, inspiration is always readily available.

Examiner: What inspires you most?

Chloe: Inspiration comes from the most interesting and unexpected places. Sometimes I'll wake up hearing a melody, or lyrics, and then a full song will come to life. Other times, I search for inspiration by people watching, reading, listening to music, or just sitting by the piano/with a guitar. If I'm writing with other people, we bounce ideas off of each other and use our own personal experiences to drum up new ideas.

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