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Catching up with Cardell Kerr and 'Infinite Crisis' at PAX East 2014

This past weekend at PAX East, Boston Games Examiner caught up with Cardell Kerr, the Creative Director for Infinite Crisis by Turbine, and talked about the latest updates to the popular DC Multiverse MOBA.

Cover art from 'Infinite Crisis'

First of all, there are more maps. There are currently three different maps: Gotham Heights, Coast City, and Gotham Divided. According to Kerr, Gotham Divided is their "mostly competitive" map and is their take on what a tri-lane map is for the game that they have.

There are still no new game types. However, this is because they want to focus getting the lane battles just right before moving on to other modes.

Characters are still constantly being released. At the time of this interview, Nightmare Superman was the newest character to be released. Before him, they had released Aquaman, Green Arrow and Mecha Superman.

While there are plenty of character for players to choose from, the one character that Karr would like to see, and hasn't been added yet, is the Jon Stewart Green Lantern. When asked if he would show up anytime soon, he was not able to say so. Kerr did mention that the next champion to be released would be a "versatile" champion. On April 15, that announcement was made. It was announced that Blue Beetle would be the next champion released for Infinite Crisis.

Infinite Crisis is currently in open beta and available to play only on PC. It's free to sign up, so give it a shot today.

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