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Catching up with Brit Floyd's Ian Cattell

The iconic sights and sounds of Pink Floyd are coming back to Columbus as one of the world's greatest Floyd shows kicks off another tour. Brit Floyd have just kicked off their Discovery World Tour 2014 last night in Pennsylvania and will be making a stop in Columbus next Friday at the LC Pavilion. In advance of next weeks show, bass player and vocalist Ian Cattell graciously took some time to take my phone call and answer some questions of mine.

Brit Floyd bassist/vocalist Ian Cattell

Me: First off, I caught you guys last year at The LC, and you guys played one full album side from five of the bands albums. But I have a question; I'm a big fan of The Division Bell and I noticed that you guys skipped "Lost for Words" when playing that album side. What was the theory behind that?

Ian: Well, the theory behind that would be having enough time to complete the show. We put a lot of effort into a two hour and forty minute show and we just felt like we didn't have enough time so we had to make a decision between that song and you know the other songs from that category and the other songs in the set. It's hard to fit it all in and we just felt we didn't have enough time.

Me: Fair enough. What was your favorite aspect of the P.U.L.S.E. Tour from last year?

Ian: My favorite aspect. It would be being able to play the different album sides in full like that. That and playing songs that we don't always get to play. Songs like "Coming Back to Life".

Me: So we fast forward now to this year, you guys are doing the Discovery World Tour and you're going to play at least one track from every studio album if I understand correctly. How did that process come into play?

Ian: Well, it's going along with Pink Floyd recently releasing their remastered studio albums in a box set called Discovery. It's nice to, you know, revisit songs and records and play different parts of albums. We thought it'd be a great way to sort of present the entire discography.

Me: Are there any songs that you guys haven't played before or don't usually play that you are most looking forward to playing this year?

Ian: Absolutely. There are songs we're doing that I haven't played personally in a very long time. There is a couple that are not really known and that makes it fun. The audience's reaction when they hear a song, that maybe they weren't expecting, makes it worth it as well.

Me: So, now I've see you guys live and you're on TV a lot here in Columbus. What is the most challenging part about putting on a show? The sound of the original band is there. The imagery is there. The production is there. How do you guys put all of that together?

Ian: It's a step by step process. Every tour the songs are gonna be different and they have to sound right. The lighting and the animation has to be right. We just have a lengthy process and it is quite a job. We have people for all of that stuff and I mainly just consider myself with what I do within the band and how I work with the other musicians. The crew does a great job getting us ready for our tours so that we really focus on playing music, that way when we roll it all together it comes off right.

Me: Looking at your guys' last few tours of the U.S. and stuff, one night you guys can be playing in an arena and one night you're playing in a theater. I know when you guys do this tour you'll play an arena show in Toledo at The Huntington Center and then when you come to Columbus you'll play in a smaller venue at The LC. Is there any kind of adjustment that you guys have to make?

Ian: Oh certainly! We can't always fit everything into the venue. There's things that play into that like the stage size. Our stage manager, he'll have all the stage measurements and the specs of the venue beforehand. That way they can make sure that it's safe. You've got the stage set up, the lights, the inflatables. Those are things that they take care of so that we can have them in our show.

Me: Last year you guys recorded a live show in Colorado. Wanna talk about that?

Ian: Well, that was Live at Red Rocks.That was just an amazing experience. We'd previously played the amphitheater, which in its own right is an amazing experience. The crowd was amazing and unfortunately it was over in a flash. We definitely want everybody to see it, pick it up on DVD and I couldn't be more confident.

Me: Last year you told me that your favorite Floyd album to play and in general was Animals. It consistently ranks as my favorite Pink Floyd album too. What is it about that album that is so enjoyable for you?

Ian: Well, I enjoy both David Gilmour and Roger Waters a lot. The Waters stuff, though, is very sort of theatrical I think. David Gilmour I think is thinking more about is he singing it properly where as Waters vocals aren't. He's got the bass parts and even a bass solo in there which isn't common for them. The album's overall atmosphere, I think it worked really well for them.

Me: Absolutely. I appreciate your time, is there anything that you would want to say or want the Columbus area fans to know about the gig March 14th at The LC Pavilion?

Ian: Yes, we always love playing in Columbus. The crowds are always great at The LC Pavilion and it's one of the places we always look forward to coming back to when we tour.

Me: Alright, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Ian: Sure thing.

That concluded my interview with Mr. Cattell. I must say, that if you haven't seen this band before and you dig Pink Floyd, that it will be well worth the price of admission. They really do put the whole package together and present a stellar evening of Pink Floyd music. Check out their YouTube channel here to see and hear for yourself. The show will be held at The LC Pavilion in Columbus on Friday March 14th and is being brought to you by QFM 96. Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office or Ticketmaster outlets.

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