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Catching up with actress\comedian Abigail Graham

She's a comedian, a writer, a producer...even a director of music videos! I'm talking about Abigail Graham, a sizzling talent that took time out of her busy schedule to tell DC Actors Examiner a little bit about her background and what she's up to.

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Catching up with actress\comedian Abigail Graham
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Q - Who is Abigail Graham?

I see myself as a one-of-a-kind international actress, writer, director, producer, and comedian.

I've appeared in movies, theater, and comedy shows across the country. I have written, produced, and directed short films, music videos, and a Web series\comedy show. I am a self-taught film and comedy producer.

I was inspired by Barbra Streisand and Tyler Perry to create, produce, and be anything that is truly inside of me as a creator with un-breakable belief and perseverance.

Q - What are you doing recently in film/theatre, tv, and production wise?

I play the lead role of Eliza Doolittle in Jamaica’s modern version of My Fair Lady, which is playing in Negril, Jamaica. My last stand-up appearance (in 2013) was in the U.S., on the Martin Harris Show, at the Comedy Store in Hollywood.

Starting in November and into next year, I will be appearing in various comedy venues in Negril, Monetgo Bay, and Kingston, Jamaica. Check the Abigail Show Facebook Page for more information.

I have filmed three new episodes of the Abigail Show this year, including exclusive interviews with Jamaica’s big rap star, Lucky Rap Star; he rapped on the show. It's on You Tube!

Coming out this Fall: two new sketch comedy episodes featuring, “Live News Report of National Flood in Jamaica.” Two News Reporters fight for their lives, paddling on a row boat through the flooded waters of Jamaica where people are rioting because no one can get any weed! Second, “Live News Report: Neighbor Hits Neighbor with Golf Club.” Exclusive interview with Congojusta, a Jamaican Rusta Man played by local actor Garfield Richardson.

Q - Tell me more about The Abigail Show?

The Abigail Show is a comedy-variety show that features sketch comedy, stand-up performances, comic skits, improv, interviews (with off-beat questions) with real and made-up celebrities, actors, musicians, and comedians.

I am the host, and the show is featured on You Tube and Local TV Stations. There are now a total of 13 episodes in its 4th season.

Q - What have been some of your show topics?

Scenes from Italy, Jamaica, an Interview with a Demon, a Fields Prize Winner who figured out Battle-Ship, a Russian Football Player- playing for Mexico, Rap Stars, Famous Dancers, stand-up about growing up on a farm, Weight Watchers, the Heat, and music videos.

Q - I hear you produced and directed a music video?

Yes I filmed two music videos in Negril, Jamaica: Lucky Rap Star’s new release singles “Weed Man” and “Message.” Lucky Rap Star was fun and easy to work with. We did lots of stunt scenes, and I think he is the first rapper to rap up in a tree in a music video. I loved shooting the fabulous Jamaican dancers and hot girls! I got to film in a huge pink mansion with a pool. We filmed on the beach and the cliff-side, right by the ocean.

I also write music and have co-written some rap songs with Lucky Rap Star and Created a Lucky Rap Star Label. The "Weed Man" single will be out in stores worldwide Aug 30th, 2014.

Q - I hear you’re a Stand-up Comedian. What Stand- up/ Comedy Shows have you appeared been in?

In Chicago, IL (2011-2012), I appeared at the Laugh Factory, Comedy Sportz Theatre, and at The Improv. I also appeared in improv shows at the Annoyance Theatre. I migrated out to LA (2013) to appear at the infamous Comedy Store, in Hollywood, CA and the Laugh Factory on Sunset Strip; I was featured in the Martin Harris Show in Flappers Comedy Club, in Burbank, CA. I'm also a regular at the Zoo Improv in Burbank.

Q - What are your stand-up pieces about?

They're mostly about my life experiences and scenarios that actually happened to me, ideas that popped into my head, and politically controversial things I don’t agree with.

Q - Specifically?

Dating Nutcases, having Disney fantasies that I would Marry Prince Charming, being a rap star and using my blackness to intimidate huge males that I am afraid of (yes I rap), and lazy ass call girls. I also like to talk about my crazy family.

Q - What Movies have you been in?

I played the role of Beatrica, a temptress Russian club manager in a short film called CocoCabanna. In New Orleans, LA, I acted as an office worker in my first feature film, working with Director Martin Campbell in Green Lantern. Also, I played two comedic lead characters as Kate in The Way We Weren’t and Evita in Evita Gone Mad. I also starred in the short, Cheated as the lead character, Sharon the jaded, corrupted, & deceptive woman running from her borderline psycho lover. I was featured in a supporting role in Drawn Out as Shelly, a fast driving, tango-dancing detective.

Q - How did you get your start?

I grew up in the small town of Champaign, IL where the theater was the school gym. I started on stage with South Pacific singing, dancing, and acting as a French woman. I continued to perform at Krannert Center, IL as a Jazz dancer. I was inspired to do comedy by I Love Lucy, Faulty Towers, and Saturday Night Live.

Q - How can fans keep up with you?

Abigail Graham Reel

Facebook Fan Page:

You Tube Channel:

“Lucky Rap Star on Reverbnation “

“Weed Man” Music Video:

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