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Catching up with actor Nelson Irizarry

Catching up with up-and-coming actor Nelson Irizarry plays characters sharper than a two-edged sword.
Nelson Irizarry

His performances are brash, bold and something to behold. He's plays characters more hardcore than a two-edged-sword. I'm talking about Baltimore-based actor Nelson Irizarry, who shared highlights of his career and what he's doing now, with DC Actors Examiner.

Who do you play in Black Water Creek: Legend of Sasquatch?

I play detective Neilson. He is a burnt out detective who is brought back on the force to solve a series of serial murders.

How about some background: What should film fans know about Nelson Irizarry?

I was born in New York. I am of Hispanic descent. I first started in the industry producing music. My first movie was called Charm City, directed by Derick Thomas. He gave me my start in films.

I loved your performance in All in the Game. How's the film doing?

Thank you very much. The film is actually doing well. It is in a number of stores. Gary Ugarek, the director, is in talks to do a sequel.

Who do you play in Who Shot Ya?

I play Richard James. A millionaire who is trying to protect his wife from being blamed for a missing person.

Where did you train to act?

I actually haven't had any formal training. I have read tons of books, and I learn every time I'm on set by the directors and other actors as well. You can learn a lot from other actors.

What are some career highlights from 2013?

I was featured in the Washington Post for the Investigation Discovery channel's show, Who the Bleep Did I Marry? I was nominated for best actor for my role in All In The Game.

What are your goals for 2014?

To keep working. I'm planning on making the big move to Los Angeles this year. I really would love to further my career.

Where do you see your career in three years?

Successful. And to finally have Nelson Irizarry up there with the greats.

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