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Catch up with ‘Supernatural’ Thinman guest actor Giovanni Mocibob part two

Giovanni Mocibob
Premiere Talent Management

Continued from part one

This talented young actor from Prince George, British Columbia is also known for his roles in ‘The Planting,’ ‘Fighting Free,’ and’ Ventra .’ Known now for his role as Roger from the season nine episode ‘Thinman.’Also a talented painter and aspiring musician, he is currently finishing work on the short film ‘All You Need Is Brains.’ Check out his hilarious ‘Mocibob Video Blog’ as well as his upcoming plays and movies.

Q. Your fans would love to know more about your 'Mocibob Video Blog.' What inspired you to create it?

A. We just wanted to have fun! Why not try to make something fun out of the ordinary? You can see in the videos we had a great time making them. For the future we may do them less often but on bigger adventures. YouTube is great platform to do that. It'll be kind of cool to look back on and hopefully laugh at!

Q. I noticed you are a talented painter. Do you have any other hidden talents?

A. I enjoy painting. I wish I had more time for it. I used to draw murals on my bedroom wall in pencil as a kid. They're still up there. As much as I do art as my work, I also find it to be the thing I do to relax. I also love music. My brother and I have written a few songs together and hope to put some music out in the next year. I think he's a talented songwriter and our voices blend well together. I come from a creative family, so I have always had one hand or foot in one art form or another.

Q. I'm going to end with what's become my signature question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be?

A. Well if I had to get pumped for a big game anything from the Metallica: Master of Puppets album would work, but I wouldn't say it's inspiring for me.

I recently went to see/listen to my friend (Keith Hamm), who is a professional violist, play Tchaikovsky's Souvenir de Florence Op. 70. I'm not even joking; I almost burst into tears about 12 times. It "rocked", and was the most visceral music experience of my life. Part of it was the actual music. Some of it was the sound of a stringed sextet. But mostly it was seeing a guy I know who is one of the best violists in Canada, play with other musicians who are amongst the best in Canada, and I thought "I wanna do that! I wanna play with the best". That was inspiring and that's what I hope to do.

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