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Catch up with ‘Supernatural’ Thinman guest actor Giovanni Mocibob part one

actor Giovanni Mocibob
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Supernatural’ fans will remember actor Giovanni Mocibob for his role as Roger from the season nine episode ‘Thinman.’ This talented young actor from Prince George, British Columbia is also known for his roles in ‘The Planting,’ ‘Fighting Free,’ and’ Ventra .’ Also a talented painter and aspiring musician, he is currently finishing work on the short film ‘All You Need Is Brains.’

Q. Welcome to 'Supernatural' fandom. Can you share with your fans about how the cast and crew welcomed you to the set?

A. Thank you! I'm happy to be part of the ‘Supernatural’ crew. You know, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know anyone, so I was nervous but honestly they were very inviting! It's funny they've all worked together for nine seasons now. They have a strong work rapport and a familiarity that could feel exclusive for anyone coming in to work for a short period of time. But they made me feel welcome and accepted me into the fold for the few days I was there. It was great! The crew made me feel comfortable enough to be able to ask questions if I had any. And the ability to have open conversation promotes a positive work environment. Jared and Jensen were down to earth and gracious. Jeannot (the director) was pleasant, relaxed, and focused. Lou Bollo (the fight director) felt like a buddy, and I barely know the guy! But best of all, the episode turned out well, so all in all it was a great experience.

Q. Tell your fans about the short film ‘All You Need Is Brains’ and any other projects that are you currently working on.

A. Well the director and I knew each other and he wanted to do this short. He needed a lead and was thinking of me. I thought it was a fun idea and agreed to participate. The coolest thing about it for me is that my "zombie girlfriend" in the film is my wife in real life. I like her. She's a fantastic actor and super fun to work with.

My background and training is in theatre. So I try to continue working in that field whenever I can. I have two projects lined up. First, I will be playing the lead "Nick" in ‘Over the River and Through the Woods' by Joe DiPietro at Chemainus Theatre. Nick's a single, Italian-American guy from New Jersey who struggles with the tension of leaving the home he knows or moving on to live his dream. Second, I will be in ‘The Whipping Man’ by Matthew Lopez at Pacific Theatre here in Vancouver. I'll play Caleb DeLeon, a young Confederate officer who returns home on the day of Lincoln's assassination and finds his family's home in ruins. His two former slaves are waiting for him. Through the chaos, the three men try to decipher what the future holds for them.

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