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Catch up with fan favorite ‘Supernatural’ actor DJ Qualls part two

Actor DJ Qualls
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Fan favorite actor of CW’s hit show ‘Supernatural,’ DJ Qualls started his climb to fame as a Prada model turned actor who made his feature film debut in the hilarious film ‘Road Trip.’ Qualls has had nothing but success with role after role such as ‘Legit’ and ‘Breaking Bad,’ and of course, his recurring role as one of our favorite ‘Supernatural’ hunters, Garth. Of course, who would forget his role as the undercover cop who busted Badger in that classic ‘Breaking Bad’ episode ‘Better Call Saul.’ Get to know DJ Qualls who can boast that he is a nerd and admits “we kinda rule the world.”

Q. Your fans would just love to know if you have any hidden talents. Your IMDB says that you were in the high school band. I myself was my high school’s baton twirler. Yes, I’m a nerd.

A. If baton twirling makes you a nerd, what does being able to play the clarinet make me? Yep, I marched the clarinet for four years in high school band. I loved it. They were my people and I’m still in touch with many of my former band mates. We didn't really have a drama department, so I gravitated toward band as a place to fit in.

I also sing and I do it well. I have no shame in making so bold a claim. I think you should be the first one to acknowledge what you do well. I’m also the first person to admit what I’m terrible at: math, computer things, really is a very long list.

I don't know if this is a hidden talent, but in my spare time, I learn about and collect art. My area of interests is French artists painting from the 1880's to the 1940's. I’m obsessed with post-Impressionism and the Fauvist movement. A current favorite is Louis Valtat. I just bought my first painting by him and am currently in the restoration processes. Paintings take a beating in a 100 years’ time and need all sorts of maintenance. My Valtat needs a major cleaning, some repair to missing paint and the canvas reinforced. It’s nerve racking to find someone to do these things, not to mention expensive. When you go to a museum and see works of art painted over a hundred years ago that look brand new, you are seeing the hand of a Conservator.

I just reread this answer and yep, I’m a nerd. We kinda rule the world, though.

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