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Catch the Midnight Sun in The Yukon This Summer

From dancing girls to panning for gold, the Yukon provides endless delights.
From dancing girls to panning for gold, the Yukon provides endless delights.
Yukon Tourism

The Yukon is a strange and enchanting place. In the short, but exquisite summer, the locals pull out all the stops to ensure that they get the most out of the warmer weather. Dawson City is a prospector town that looks just like it did when the first starry-eyed gold diggers made their way over in the late 1890's, intent on making their fortunes.

The town retains all of its charming architecture and comes replete with dancing girls, swing-door saloons and trips to pan the local rivers for gold dust. Dawson city has a population of just over a thousand people, but through the summer months, tourists flock to here to enjoy the wild beauty of the boreal forests, the crystal clear lakes and rivers and the abundant wildlife.

Summer Activities

Aside from nearly 24-hour long sunshine, summertime visitors to the Yukon should plan their trips to coincide with the Dawson City Music Festival which runs from July 18-20. If you are into a more active holiday, try the World’s longest annual canoe & Kayak race which runs from June 25-29 and enjoys 24-hour sunshine or the Bike Festival which takes place in Whitehorse on June 28 and 29.

Accommodation and food

There are many comfortable hotels in Dawson and this tiny town boasts a number of incredible restaurants and bars. You can take the 'sour toe challenge' at the Downtown Bar were only the brave drink a cocktail with a severed toe in the bottom (true story) or enjoy the can-can dancing girls at Diamond-Tooth Gerties. A surprising array of restaurants will help to sate your appetite while you swap stories with the locals.

If you are looking for a wonderful experience, breathtaking beauty and the warm hospitality of the Great White North, then Dawson City is definitely your destination of choice this summer.

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