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'Catch me if you can' is caught: Speeding maniac biker taunts police with video

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Catch me if you can,” the speeding motorcyclist, has taunted police long enough after posting his 100 mph ride through Texas traffic on Facebook. Posting the phrase, “Catch me if you can” under his video seemed like a dare, but it is one dare that the police were able to act on, as Fox News Reports on Feb. 18.

The “Catch me if you can” biker made the video using a helmet can. Other than recognizing the street scenes, the police didn’t get a good shot of the person raising traffic havoc.

The video of this dare-devil driver came to the attention of the San Antonio Police when somebody posted it on their page and the police began tracking the guy. “The video was one of the most insanely dangerous things I have ever seen,” said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

The video showed the biker doing high speeds and swerving in traffic on Texas’ Interstate 35. The San Antonio Police arrested Alberto Rodriguez, 26, after they got a lead on a stolen motorcycle. While he may face stolen vehicle charges, he had two outstanding felony warrants and with taunting “Catch me if you can,” the police chief said about the arrest, “he brought it on himself.”

Now you can catch him anytime in lockup