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Catch me if you can caught: A dare ends with capture by police

Catch me if you can caught by police in Texas.
Catch me if you can caught by police in Texas.
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"Catch you me if you can" caught himself in legal trouble when San Antonio Police arrested him Monday night for stealing a motorcycle. FOX News reports Feb. 18 that Alberto Rodriguez, 26, was captured when authorities went on a lead they received about the stolen motorcycle. Rodgriguez posted a video on Facebook of him speeding through heavy traffic at over 100 mph. He titled the video, "Catch Me If You Can."

Police say Rodriguez was wanted on two outstanding warrants over felony charges in addition to a misdemeanor assault warrant. He may also face charges in the stolen motorcycle.

Rodriguez's video "catch me if you can" caught the interest of online users -- with his video getting more than 10,000 shares on Facebook. The tape was posted last May, but authorities started to keep an eye on the brazen man in February.

As San Antonio Police Chief William McManus put it, Rodriguez's stunt was "one of the most insanely dangerous things that I have ever seen."

“He brought this on himself,” McManus concluded. “He brought attention to himself.”

Some people will do anything to get attention even if it means endangering the lives of others. It is a good thing that the "catch me if you can" motorcycle rider was caught. More people will be safe with him off the roads.

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