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'Catch Me If You Can' caught: 27 y/o biker on stolen motorcycle boasting no more

Facebook post of man boasting about ride
Facebook post of man boasting about ride
Twitter Photo, Click2Houston

A “Catch Me If You Canbiker has been caught riding a stolen motorcycle after taking to Facebook to boast that Texas police would never be able to catch him. Unfortunately for 27-year-old Alberto Rodriguez, it looks like San Antonio police were certainly able to capture him, and the reckless driver won’t be doing anymore taunting anytime soon. CNN reports this Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, that state police began to search for Rodriguez after he posted a harrowing video to Facebook — aptly titled “Catch Me If You Can” — that showed him driving wildly on the highway, posing a serious threat to other motorists.

Police officials say that having this “Catch Me If You Can” biker caught is leaving the streets safer this week. After the suspect, 27-year-old Alberto Rodriguez, uploaded a video of him driving past traffic at breakneck speeds in Texas, he proceeded to boast that cops would not have the chance to catch him for the reckless act. Yet investigators on the lookout for the driver and his stolen motorcycle soon found the culprit trying to run away from his home this week in local San Antonio.

"[The capture] was a coincidence," noted one police sergeant, who said that they were initially looking for the stolen biker, not necessarily the bike.

According to a police statement on the “Catch Me If You Can” caught headline, Rodriguez had a number of warrants out for his arrest. His boasting (via the video) is actually what helped cops get him:

"Rodriguez faces his currently outstanding felony warrants, a misdemeanor assault warrant, (and) possibly charges in connection with the stolen motorcycle," added law enforcement officials.

Soon after its original posting, the Facebook video was brought to the attention of San Antonio, Texas, police bearing the 27-year-old suspect’s name. The breakneck clip shows a cyclist speeding through rush hour traffic, easily exceeding speeds of 100 mph and posing a very real threat to other drivers through his irresponsible driving on the stolen motorcycle. A helmet camera appeared to be used in order to record the “Catch Me If You Can” video before Rodriguez was eventually caught.

Authorities believed that it was indeed Rodriguez driving the bike.

"Really all it would have taken was a split second for him to impact the lives of several people, possibly killing someone just by his very actions," concluded a police sergeant to a local news station.

It is unclear at this time whether Rodriguez has found himself legal representation yet, pending the charges.

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