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'Catch Me If You Can' 100 mph bragging biker busted by cops: See his wild video

Catch me if you can,” taunted 27-year-old Alberto Rodriguez to Texas police. And they did. The video above, posted before Rodriguez was caught, shows just how dangerous his actions were.
San Antonio, Texas, police arrested Alberto Rodriguez after he posted incriminating video of himself motorcycling at high speeds through San Antonio.

The lunatic biker, who posted a Facebook video of himself outrageously speeding through traffic on Interstate 35 in Texas at speeds in excess of 150 mph, has been nabbed by police, reports Fox News on Tuesday.

The arrogant speed demon was arrested Monday while sneaking out of a friend's house near the Salado Creek Greenway in San Antonio's north-east side. Rodriguez had at least three outstanding arrest warrants, and was wanted in connection with a stolen motorcycle.

Rodriguez had posted incriminating video of himself, biking at high speeds through rush hour traffic in San Antonio. The smug offender was evidently as reckless online as he was on the road. The video, which Rodriguez jeeringly titled “Catch Me If You Can,” ultimately led to his arrest.

“When we pulled up on the house, our man ran out the back door and was hiding behind an air-conditioning unit,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.

In May of last year, Rodriguez posted his helmet cam video to Facebook, where it received tens of thousands of views. According to ABC News, it also caught the attention of San Antonio police, who began tracking Rodriguez in February after a member of the public posted his video on the San Antonio Police's Facebook page.

McManus told Fox News that the video was “one of the most insanely dangerous things that I have ever seen… He brought this on himself. He brought attention to himself.”

Thankfully, Rodriguez and his broad-daylight thrill ride at terrifying speeds has come to a halt.

According to the San Antonio Facebook page, the "stolen motorcycle was recovered," and Rodriguez now "faces his currently outstanding felony warrants, a misdemeanor assault warrant, a possibly charges in connection with the stolen motorcycle."

Sergeant Javier Salazar of the San Antonio police said Rodriguez's reckless behavior on the road could have easily led to tragic consequences.

"Really all it would have taken was a split second for him to impact the lives of several people possibly killing someone by his very actions," Salazar said.

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