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Catch Kokanee Salmon in Yosemite territory _ Bass Lake

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It's been called the jewel of the southern Yosemite region. Ringed in fir trees and other species native to the Sierra Nevada forest, Bass Lake is located in central California's Madera County at an elevation of 3,415 feet.

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We traveled to Bass Lake in pursuit of Kokanee Salmon, the fresh water relative of Sockeye Salmon. Formerly known as Crane Valley Reservoir, Bass Lake also is stocked with trout, catfish, crappie and bluegill. It's a narrow lake (less than a 1/2 mile wide in most places) and just about 4 1/2 miles long, offering anglers an intimate ambiance absent from some of the larger reservoirs and lakes in this region.

With our home base at nearby Tenaya Lodge, we set out at sunrise for the Lake one morning in early May and connected with Todd Wittwer, considered one of the premier Kokanee guides with deep knowledge of the Lake and its fish population.

We could have spent a week with him and would still have just skimmed the surface of his encyclopedic range of stories about Bass Lake. Instead we only had a half day to take it all in. And, in this posting, we've tried to pack in as much information about fishing this Lake in our slide show and in our video. Please take the time to view both and perhaps we will meet someday and share your experiences at Miller's Landing Resort where so many anglers over the years have done just that - after a memorable day in pursuit of the prized Kokanee Salmon in Bass Lake.


Todd Wittwer,, (559)288-8100

Miller's Landing Resort, (559)642-3633


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