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Catch Chicks on Bikes! Sept. 29th

With a nice logo like this, who could refuse?
With a nice logo like this, who could refuse?
April Lemly

Call it what you will: the fact remains that male cyclists still heavily outnumber females, but April Lemly is doing something about that. She is launching a radio show called Chicks on Bikes, a traveling radio show that celebrates the extraordinary girl next door – and encourages her to throw leg over crossbar and start pedaling.

Lemly says, "Our aim is to empower more women to ride, to celebrate ladies & cycling."

For those that wish to learn more about the Chicks on Bikes project, April Lemly will be appearing in person at the Surviving and Thriving Beneft at the Minna Street Gallery, 111 Minna St, 5:30-9:00 PM, Thursday 29th September.

All proceeds from the benefit go to San Francisco Women Against Rape and WOMEN INC. The benefit of going to this event is you get to chat with April Lemly about Chicks on Bikes.